Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate

1 year
300.73 €

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SSL Certificate description

Thawte Wildcard SSL certificate allows securing unlimited subdomains (FQDN) under same base domain name with 256-bit protection and united verification process. Thawte certificates are unlimited server license certificates; that means you will not need to pay an extra price if you require to secure same domains under multiple servers.

Each Thawte SSL certificate requires dedicated IP or SNI Technology to install it on the server. You can use SSL as for extranets, corporate websites, as for mail servers or web applications. You will save significant money using wildcard SSL in case you need to secure many subdomains as otherwise, you need to use multiple single domain certificates and many IP addresses. We offer Thawte SSL with 30 day's money back guarantee, so there are no risks to lose money if not happy with SSL.

Wildcard Enabled
Wildcard was built to make life a bit easier, and no more need to install numerous certs, forget about many CSRs and PrivateKeys as now there is one SSL, with same CSR/PrivateKey and the option to secure all subdomains under your desired domain name. Be smart and save money and time with Thawte Wildcard certificates.

Registered company required
Patience required when order organization validation SSL certificate; it will take up to three business days to pass the verification process and in some cases even more, so it is highly suggested to renew such certificates at least a week before expiration. Thawte will ask to supply business license and to pass callback verification call before they issue SSL. Check Business validation process if you need more information.

Equipped with trust booster
Building online trust is always a big job, and you never face such problems with the real-life business, as customers come to your office, they see real people and get verified trust. It is hard to trust a website and to share personal data with it, and that is why Thawte offers Dynamic site seal to show all visitors the website trusted and company verified just like you were inside its office. The seal will show the company name, address, phone number, and $1.25m warranty. Check how Thawte seal looks like.

Improve Your Google Rank
The minor modifications in Google ranking algorithm help websites with active and valid SSL certificates to get higher positions in Google search. That change applies to all type of SSL certificates like Domain, Business or Extended Validation. Verified companies/organizations may get even higher results.

All-inclusive compatibility
Five-star compatibility level SSL certificate, as trusted by almost every device is in use. Thawte guarantees 99% browser compatibility, full harmony with mobile devices and other web/mail servers. Get powerful data protection wherever you are. Walk thru complete list of support devices.

Thawte comparisons
Sometimes, even advanced users and server administrators are confused about what is the best SSL certificate to choose in a certain situation. No one wants to overpay and run out of budget for web protection. That is why GoGetSSL offered one of the most detailed SSL comparison of Thawte SSL certificates available in the Internet.

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