Sectigo EV Code Signing SSL

1 year
334.15 €

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SSL Certificate description

You can lose your customers if no Sectigo Extended Validation Code Signing SSL used to sign your software, imagine, you spent hours/months of work to create your unique software but browser or Windows warn your customers and suggest no to use it. That is dramatical for any software company. EV Code Signing solves that all, it has strong protection and most important feature is that your Private key physically stored on an external USB token. SSL for Code is must have rule to boost your sales as it brings trust, no trust no conversions.

Sectigo EV Code Signing SSL builds positive reputation within browsers and operating systems, please note, Windows 10 strictly requires that type of SSL for kernel mode and user-mode drivers. USB Token will be sent via mail, postage expenses included in the price.

  • Adobe AIR Code Sign any Adobe Air Apllication
  • Mozilla Code Sign any Mozilla Object file
  • Apple Code Sign Apple Mac Software for MaxOS 9 and OSX
  • Java Code Sign any JAR applet. Designed for Java applications, desktop and mobile devices
  • Microsoft Authenticode Code Sign any Microsoft format (32 and 64 bit) .dll, .ocx, .exe, .msi, .cab and kernel software
  • Microsoft Office Code Sign any MS office Marcro or VBA (Visual Basic for applications) file.
  • Microsoft Silverlight Sigh any Microsoft Silverlight application or XAF file
  • Compatible with Windows 8/10

EV Code Signing for Business
You will need to pass Extended validation process in order to get issued Sectigo EV Code Signing SSL certificate. Local government database OR verified 3rd party resources like DUNS/LEI would be checked by the certification center in order to verify your business. Be prepared to wait 1-5 working days as the process takes time. We highly suggest read verification guide of organization validation.

Compare Code Signing SSL
At present we offer just three EV Code Signing SSL certificates and three non-EV, it is important to compare them before purchase to make sure your selection perfectly fits your company. Check out comparison tool to get more information.

Trust us, as like millions of people did before you!