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SSL Certificate description

There is a vast difference between purchase software in a physical store and over the Internet. The source code is original when software comes from a store with original CD/DVD or USB card. The problem occurs when downloading software via The Internet the source code not verified and some additional code lines with malware may appear, so not easy to trust it. Malicious third parties modify products and re-host software over the Internet. Sectigo Code Signing SSL certificate removes any risks and immediately inform customers that the software is safe, and the developer verifies code integrity.

Sectigo Code Signing SSL sign with digital signature 32-bit and 64-bit portable executable (.ocx, .exe, .dll or other) or .cab files. Code Signing certificate protects software data including software macros, objects, firmware images, device drivers, configuration files and virus updates.

Most of the commercial software publishers use Code Signing SSL certificates to prove existing and new customers the code is original, that help build a great reputation.

  • Adobe AIR Code Sign any Adobe Air Apllication
  • Mozilla Code Sign any Mozilla Object file
  • Apple Code Sign Apple Mac Software for MaxOS 9 and OSX
  • Java Code Sign any JAR applet. Designed for Java applications, desktop and mobile devices
  • Microsoft Authenticode Code Sign any Microsoft format (32 and 64 bit) .dll, .ocx, .exe, .msi, .cab and kernel software
  • Microsoft Office Code Sign any MS office Marcro or VBA (Visual Basic for applications) file.
  • Microsoft Silverlight Sigh any Microsoft Silverlight application or XAF file
  • Compatible with Windows 8/10

Business Validation
It is possible to get Comodo Code Signing SSL as for business companies as for individuals; both must provide documents to pass the process. Verification is required to let sign files with individual signature. The process is not very hard, but for sure will take some time. It may take up to 1-3 working days to verify the order and issue SSL. Kindly check validation manuals to understand the process of verification.

Compare Code Signing SSL certificates
There are just three Code Signing SSL available in SSL store; however, it is possible to compare them to understand difference and features. Choose the most known CA brands to protect software and sign files. Get help from free SSL comparison tool.

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