Thawte SSL 123

1 year
40.6 €

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SSL Certificate description

Thawte SSL123 is a perfect certificate if you need quick and strong encryption to protect connections to your web server. You will get issued SSL within five minutes as it requires domain validation via email only. The new FLEX technology allows protecting domains, sub-domains, and even Wildcard domains using the same SSL. Thawte certificates come with 256-bit encryption with no risk from phishing or fraud. Use SSL123 to protect small and medium websites or other online applications and servers.

Every SSL includes a trusted site seal logo, domain authentication, free reissues, 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason, and $500k warranty. It is possible to reissue or modify and manage SSL via the GoGetSSL management system OR DigiCert CertCentral platform.

New FLEX Technology
Amazing option for products with new FLEX feature allowing to protect standard single domains, sub-domains, Public IP addresses and even Wildcard domains at once. Historically there were separate Multi-domain (SAN) and Multi-Domain Wildcard certificates not allowing to have different types of SAN's. Now you can mix Wildcards, IP addresses, and standard domains, paying different prices per item. Check out more about Flex certs.

Up to 250 SAN items
Thawte Web Server Certificate allows purchasing up to 250 additional SAN items. Each SAN (Subject Alternative Name) item may support domain, sub-domain or even Wildcard. Secure most of your websites/platforms with the same SSL certificate.

Quick and Strong
Quick means almost instant, as once you approve ownership of domain name via email, Thawte will generate SSL within five-ten minutes, not more. That means your server will start to protect sensitive information right here and right now. Forget about documents, faxing or scans, all you need to have access to base emails of domain name like admin@ or hostmaster@.

Thawte and Dynamic Seal
SSL123 from Thawte CA provides trust mark that globally recognized and available to display in more than 18 languages. It is possible to select language and size for the best fit for your website. Make sure to put the seal on the most common places of your site for an instant attraction of all visitors. Check how Thawte seal looks like.

Google SEO Booster
Great news for all webmasters, as now every website with installed SSL certificate gains higher ranking in Google. We believe Extended and Business Verification SSL certificates gets more top rankings instead of Domain verification certs, but that is minor changes in Google algorithm.

Universal device compatibility
Thawte CA is one of the oldest authorities in the world with significant experience on SSL market. That is the reason of great device compatibility, and it works with all browsers, mobile devices, and server software. Check that page with the list of compatible devices if you still have some doubts.

Compare Thawte SSL
It is always interesting to compare equal solutions from different providers; that is why we build SSL comparison tool to compare certificates for the most-common features. No need to be professional in that industry to find the best solutions. We know that the price is not a common factor.

Trust us, as like millions of people did before you!