Sectigo InstantSSL

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SSL Certificate description

The InstantSSL certificates are set up to protect websites and networks with 256-bit encryption with the full support of RSA and ECC algorithms. They provide a professional security solution trusted by 99% of modern browsers. It can take 2-3 business days for the certification center to issue SSL.

The Sectigo InstantSSL provides trust for your website to let customers know that their data are secured. That means you will make more sales as more people will be willing to share their financial information with you. It is the best solution for enterprise networks and leading Websites.

The InstantSSL certificate provides a secure communication channel between customers and the website, meaning that online payments and another transmission of confidential data can be done with confidence and will not be intercepted. Instant SSL Certificate is one of the best solutions for this and meets requirements even for professional sites. InstantSSL can be registered for up to two years at a time so that you do not have to keep remembering to renew it.

Sectigo Trust Logo feature
It is all about features; that is why Sectigo InstantSSL provides unique dynamic Site Seal logo. Use that free feature to show visitors their data protected. Building trust in a brand means maximize sales and audience. Site Seal will show warranty amount, company name, address and phone number. Check out how Sectigo seal looks like.

Business/Organization Validation Process
Business validation must be processed by every organization/business customer to get Sectigo Instant SSL certificate. Three phases involved: confirmation of domain ownership (DCV) via email or alternative validation methods, business validation via government databases and callback process to verify real existence. The process is not so hard, it takes a bit time, but it is nothing comparing to the result of getting a high assurance SSL certificate for your website. Read more about organization validation process.

Boost SEO ranking
Google Inc. has announced changes in the search engine algorithm. Now all websites with active SSL certificates installed gain more trust and higher-ranking positions. That is minor improvements to your site rankings. We believe that Business and Extended Validation certificates ranked higher than Domain validation products. even higher results.

Supported Devices by Sectigo InstantSSL
One of the most important features of the SSL, after encryption strength, is compatibility. InstantSSL offers 99.6+ browser and mobile device compatibility and support. Please check the complete list of all compatible browsers and devices.

Business validation SSL comparison
We provide most detailed SSL comparison of Sectigo SSL available today. Professional and easy comparison allow understanding the main features of Business SSL certificate. The price was never the major factor choosing an SSL certificate, sometimes cheap SSL certificate from one vendor may have more features than others.

Trust us, as like millions of people did before you!