Sectigo PositiveSSL EV MDC

1 year
182.26 €

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SSL Certificate description

One of the newest SSL certificates by Sectigo (Formerly Comodo CA) is PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain certificate, it arrived April 2017. That is on of the cheapest EV Multi-Domain SSL certificate that goes with Green address bar available on the market.

Sectigo PositiveSSL EV MDC SSL comes with one domain name from the CSR and two (2) SAN items. Extended validation means the website will be highly secured and protected against hacker and phisher attackers. EV SAN certificates are highly suggested for e-commerce websites and enterprise projects with large user amount OR to those who want to build trust and credibility to their services and brand.

Having a certificate that covers multiple domains will also save money and make things simpler. Sectigo may provide protection for up to 250 domain names with just the one certificate. Do not forget to ask about an additional discount in case of a volume SAN order.

Static Site Seal Logo
SiteSeal logos were designed to show instantly to people the website is secured and well-protected. Multi-Domain SSL certificates come with standard Static Seal Logo, and that is the only minor point of purchasing them, as all single domain EV SSL certificates come with Dynamic logo and animated Corner of Trust technology. Check out how Sectigo seal looks like.

SAN support enabled
The default price allow to protect one domain or sub-domain from the CSR and 2 extra SAN items. Each SAN item can be used to protect domain OR sub-domain. Please note, to protect both with/without WWW you need to use 2 SAN items. You can add/change SAN items within lifecycle of your Sectigo EV Multi-domain SSL certificate.

Multi-Domain with EV validaiton
The only way to get Green Address Bar is to pass Extended validation process. Such certificates provide up to 1,000,000$ warranty level and strongest protection available. EV Multi-Domain SSL saves time on validation, as only one validation process involved to validate all domains, otherwise multiple validation processes needed with single domain SSL certificates. Check EV validation steps to understand major principals of the verification process.

Improve Your Google Rank
The minor modifications in Google ranking algorithm help websites with active and valid SSL certificates to get higher positions in Google search. That change applies to all type of SSL certificates like Domain, Business or Extended validation. Verified companies/organizations may get even higher results. even higher results.

Supported Devices by Sectigo EV SSL
One of the most important features of the SSL, after encryption strength, is compatibility. Comodo EV SSL offers 99.6+ browser and mobile device compatibility and support. Please check the complete list of all compatible browsers and devices.

Compare PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain SSL
We provide most detailed SSL comparison of Multi-Domain EV SSL available today. Professional and easy comparison allows to understand the main features of SAN/UCC certificate. Price was never the major factor choosing an SSL certificate, sometimes cheap SSL certificate from one vendor may have more features than others.

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