Sectigo Multi-Domain SSL

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SSL Certificate description

Sectigo Multi-Domain SSL with Business validation suits needs if it requires securing more than one corporate domain name at once, as it secures up to 250 different domain names and subdomains. No more need to manage multiple single domains SSL, no more multiple painful installation processes and tons of expiration reminders.

Multi-Domain SSL designed for those companies that have a large network of websites, local country entities or any other need, as it also saves money and time. Sectigo Multi-Domain has 256-bit encryption, uses SHA256 hash encryption algorithm, supports unlimited server licensing and does free unlimited reissues. It has full support of ECC and RSA algorithms for no extra fee.

Business verification requires in order to get issued SSL. Sectigo certification center needs to check the real existence of the company in local government databases as well as provide callback test to make sure the company operates. Check our SSL store, as there are many other Multi-Domain SSL available.

Static Trust Logo
Protection for the server and it is connections is just one step to prove visitors they are safe. It is also important to show them something instantly visible, like Free Static Seal Logo from Sectigo. Just place it in the visible area of a website, and it will start to gain trust and credibility. Static seals come in PNG format with transparent background. Check out how Sectigo seal looks like.

Multi-Domain SSL (UCC/SAN)
Multi-Domain SSL certificate that has other names as UCC or SAN certificate, that is an excellent product when it requires securing different domain names and their subdomains under the same or different servers. UCC/SAN certificates are compatible with any Exchange servers and work with unlimited IP's. Manage one SSL is easier than to manage multiple single domain certificates.

Organization validation certificate
Organization validation process requires having a legally registered company for those who want to show verified company details within the issued SSL certificate. The process is not hard and usually takes 1-3 business days. Article of-Incorporations (Registration Application) needs to find a company in official government databases. Certification center requires registration at local Yellow pages website. Kindly check manuals regarding Business and Extended validation.

Improve Your Google Rank
The minor modifications in Google ranking algorithm help websites with active and valid SSL certificates to get higher positions in Google search. That change applies to all type of SSL certificates like Domain, Business or Extended validation. Verified companies/organizations may get even higher results.

Device support
Does SSL secure transmitted data in old browsers? Is it safe to use in on a mobile device via modern browsers? Yes! If it to use an SSL certificate from well-known CA. Professional SSL is compatible with up to 99.6% of all browsers and mobile devices. Select the right SSL for strong protection. Check that page to see the list of compatible devices with Comodo Multi-Domain SSL.

Compare Multi-Domain SSL
There are plenty of SSL certificates from different CA brands with different functionality, features like warranty, support level, seal logo and amount of SAN items. Sometimes, it is hard to select the best SSL even for advanced users, who have significant experience working with that technology. Let's change it with SSL comparison tool offered here.

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