Certificate comparison

Domain Validation

Company Name certificate Validation Price/year
PositiveSSL Domain 12.48 €
Standard Domain 15.46 €
Essential SSL Domain 23.19 €
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Domain 29 €
SSL 123 Domain 40.6 €
PositiveSSL Wildcard Domain 85.58 €
SSL UCC DV Domain 89.93 €
Essential Wildcard SSL Domain 98.63 €
WildcardSSL Domain 116.03 €
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard Domain 163.4 €
SSL 123 Wildcard Domain 188.54 €
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard (3 SAN) Domain 207.39 €


Single domain

Domain Validation
  • For individuals, small websites and systems.
  • When end-user's trust is not the highest priority for you.
  • Domain validation  via email.
  • Static site seal logo.
Business Validation
  • For e-Commerce business sites.
  • When is needed advanced trust.
  • Domain and company validation.
     Extended validation
  • For business sites about trade and money transfer.
  • When customer's trust is highest priority.
  • Protection from phishing attacks.
  • Green address bar included.

Multi domain

     Wildcard SSL Certificates
  • For security and protection of unlimited amount of sub-domains under one domain name.
  • For large companies and hosting providers.
  • When you want to use one IP to secure all your sub-domains.
     Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificates
  • Unified communication Certificates or UCC.
  • For security up to 200 domains/records with one certificate.
  • When you are owner to multi independence domains.

Advanced certificate

    Code Signing Certificates
  • For software security and people who selling software products online.
  • Software products are verified by Certificate Authority and signed with Authenticode Technology, so it's much harder someone to copy or damage the items.
     Document Signing Certificates
  • For sign and encrypt electronic communication on the web like files and emails.
  • The essential public key used to make sure all sensitive data received and transmitted is authentic.
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