RapidSSL Standard

1 year
15.46 €

 ExpressValidation  multidomain  SiteSeal  warranty10k
validationMethod HashAlgotithm

SSL Certificate description

The RapidSSL Standard certificate belongs to DigiCert® Inc, It is quite old and well-known certificate authority with thousands of sales all around the world. Just like any other Domain validation SSL certificate issuance process takes around five minutes. RapidSSL supports 256-bit encryption with SHA2 hash algorithm available.

Validation has an automatic process, and that is why it is possible to get SSL anytime, day or night. No need to send any business or private documents to the certification center as RapidSSL requires confirmation of domain ownership only. It is possible to pass the validation via email only.

Save more money and order SSL for multiple years; more years - bigger discounts, the max period for RapidSSL is two years. Current SSL comes with 10,000$-warranty amount, free reissues and unlimited server licensing support. Check other RapidSSL certificates available within the website.

Get Free Site Seal
RapidSSL Standard certificate equips a website with standard static Site Seal logo. It comes in animated-gif format and flashes some info about warranty amount and encryption level. Put the seal to shopping carts or web forms to make more conversions and to receive customer's trust by removing any doubts. Check how RapidSSL seal looks like.

Fast SSL issuance
Domain Validation SSL it is instant protection within five minutes from respected SSL provider. No documents, no scans, and no fax work, all RapidSSL requires is to confirm domain ownership via email. Use WHOIS contact email or magic five: admin@, administrator@, webmaster@, hostmaster@ or postmaster@. The most affordable way to protect visitors quickly.

Google SEO Booster
Great news for all webmasters, as now every website with installed SSL certificate gains higher ranking in Google. We believe Extended and Business Verification SSL certificates get more top rankings instead of Domain verification certs, but that is minor changes in Google algorithm.

Universal device support
RapidSSL CA receives transparent trust from all applications, devices, and browsers. Universal compatibility is one of the principal features of an SSL certificate. Make sure to use correct installation manuals and remember that SSL will not work without Intermediate CA files. Review list of all compatible devices and browsers by RapidSSL Standard.

Compare RapidSSL Standard SSL
Large variation of SSL certificates confuse and makes difficult to choose the right SSL. Take a look at the detailed comparison of well-known certificates to get a clean opinion about the advantages or disadvantages of every single SSL certificate. Compare prices too, as multi-year discounts available for every certificate authority (CA).

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