Sectigo Essential SSL

1 year
23.19 €

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SSL Certificate description

The Sectigo EssentialSSL is a cheap certificate that is very easy to install to a website or any other environment. SSL Certificate provides 256-bit encryption and has complete compatibility with browsers and mobile devices. Certificate issues within five minutes after the successful pass of Domain validation process via email/DNS/HTTP. Try Free SSL to destroy any doubts.

There will be a green lock activated on the address line when Sectigo EssentialSSL certificate is in use. That will allow customers to see that their data is being kept private and encrypted. Ideal for use by small websites as requires no paperwork.

Essential SSL, like most Sectigo products, secures both versions of the site, with and without WWW for the same price. Essential SSL provides affordable website protection for small sites, as one of the most popular products in the IT security market. Check more Sectigo products available.

Static Site Seal. Show the website is secured
Essential SSL, like most Domain Validation SSL certificates, comes with Static Site Seal logo. That is static PNG image with Sectigo Seal. Get it free and display on the website to show potential customers their sensitive information has the protection of 256-bit encryption. More trust means more sales and liable customers. Site seal is the easiest way to boost confidence. Hover mouse to see Sectigo seal.

Domain Validation SSL Certificate
Domain validation SSL certificates are available for all individuals and businesses. There is no paperwork involved; validation via email required only. Get an automatic validation email, respond to it and SSL will arrive within 3-5 minutes. It happens extremely quickly and comfortable for non-advanced users.

Boost SEO ranking
Google Inc. has announced changes in search engine algorithm. Now all websites with active SSL certificates installed gain more trust and higher ranking positions. That is minor improvements to your site rankings. We believe that Business and Extended Validation certificates ranked higher than Domain validation products.

Supported Devices by Essential SSL
Device/Browser compatibility is one of the most important parts of SSL Certificate. Essential SSL provides 99,6+ browser and mobile device support. Please check out the complete list of all supported browsers and devices by Sectigo Essential SSL Certificate.

Compare Essential SSL Certificate
We provide most detailed SSL comparison of Sectigo SSL available online. The easy and professional comparison will allow to be able to understand the primary/secondary features of each SSL certificate we sell. Experience shows that the price is not major factor choosing an SSL certificate, sometimes cheap SSL certificate from one vendor may have more features than others.

Trust us, as like millions of people did before you!