Sectigo SSL Wildcard

1 year
163.4 €

 ExpressValidation  multidomain  SiteSeal  warranty500k
validationMethod HashAlgotithm

SSL Certificate description

Sectigo Wildcard SSL is the fastest way to encrypt your domain and all of its accompanying Sub-Domains – no limit – with strong 256-bit encryption. Simply pass a domain control verification and you’ll be able to encrypt your site and all of its sub-domains AND activate the “Secure” indicator on all of them. Sectigo Wildcard SSL comes with the Sectigo Secure site seal and a $500,000 warranty.

Domain Validated
Sectigo Wildcard SSL certificates are Domain Validation SSL certificates. Sectigo will need to verify that you own the registered domain. To do this, you can undergo email-, file- or CNAME-based authentication. Sectigo Wildcard SSL can be issued in minutes.

Strong 256-bit Encryption
Sectigo Wildcard SSL certificates meet or surpass all industry standards as set forth by NIST and the CAB Forum. In addition to ECC capability, Sectigo Wildcard SSL certificates come standard with 256-bit symmetric encryption strength and a 2048-bit RSA signature key.

Covers Unlimited Sub-Domains
Rather than using single domain certificates or a multi-domain with SANs, save some money and deploy a Wildcard to encrypt your Sub-Domains. Not only will secure all the Sub-Domains you already have, your certificate can grow with you and secure Sub-Domains you add in the future.

$500,000 Warranty
Sectigo is so confident in its PKI and issuance processes that it backs all of is SSL certificates with industry-leading warranties. Sectigo Wildcard SSL comes with a generous $500,000 warranty that pays out if Sectigo ever makes a mistake that costs you money.

Trust us, as like millions of people did before you!