Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

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SSL Certificate description

Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate is the same certificate as PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard but with Business validation, that means your organization will be verified. Current SSL protects base domain from the CSR and 2 SAN items, each SAN item can be used as Wildcard Domain. That gives the option to protect unlimited sub-domains under up to 250 SAN items.

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL able to protect *.domain.tld, *.sub.domain.tld or any other combinations of a total of 250 SAN items. It is an optimal option to save money and time, as no more need to generate multiple CSR codes and install many SSL certificates. Business Validation allows confirming company name, address and phone number that helps to gain trust by end-customers to a website and services.

Wildcard Enabled
Unique option to add wildcard domains as SAN items. SAN items can protect both single domain OR *.domain.tld with the protection of all sub-domains. Please note, if you include *.domain.tld as SAN it would not protect base domain by default, to protect base domain and all-subdomains you need to use 2 SAN items. Current SSL support up to 250 SAN items, contact us for volume orders to get extra discount.

SAN option enabled
Subject Alternative Names (SAN) or as it also called Unified Communications Certificates (UCC) allow to secure up to 250 domains with unlimited sub-domains as Wildcard option enabled. It is compatible with SNI technology to safe, dedicated IP addresses. Install UCC/SAN Wildcard SSL to as many servers you have for Free.

Free Trust Logo
Trust logo is a great tool to indicate to end-customers that a website is well-protected to gain instant trust and credibility. We suggest to place the Trust logo to all your pages or at least to those pages where you have forms or carts. Here is an example how trust logo looks like.

Business validation required
Busienss verification processes are involved when organization verifications require. That is the right choice to use such SSL as you help your visitors and prospective customers to know a bit more about your company legibility. Validation center would check your company legal existence in Government database or other 3rd party legal/verified databases. You will also need passing automated callback process, the robot would call you to a verified number. Kindly take a look at our validation manuals prepared by sales managers.

Boost Website SEO
Thanks to Google, now all companies with valid and trusted SSL certificate receive higher ranking in Google Search Engine, that is a simple and legal option to boost site rating provided by Google.

Compatible devices
Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA) is the number #1 commercial SSL provider in the World, and of course, they do have the widest compatibility with most mobile, desktop and server devices known today. It is critical to have SSL from a trusted provider with high compatibility, otherwise, you may lose visitors and customers daily. We published a list of major supported devices, don't worry if device not listed, 99.99% it is supported.

Compare SSL with others
Warranty amount, trust level, encryption strength, different validation methods like domain, business or extended, SAN support, wildcard option and many other criteria that user must understand choosing best SSL. Sounds like a nightmare? No worries use SSL comparison tool to make right choice.

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