Wildcard SSL

Wildcard certificates are perfect for large companies and hosting providers. In case of a Wildcard certificate, you will get:

  • Unlimited amount of sub-domains under one domain name.

It saves money. It uses only one IP to secure all sub-domains, instead of multiple dedicated IP's for each sub-domain.

It saves time. You install only one certificate; thus, it's easier to manage all the sub-domains.

  • Securing different mail servers and control panels.
  • Unlimited server licensing, so you can protect different sub-domains on different servers.
  • Unlimited and free reissues by yourself anytime you want.*

*It's valid for domain or business validation certificates.

Primary Properties

Company Name certificate Validation Price/year
Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard 152.5 €
Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard (2 SAN) 119.78 €
Positive SSL Wildcard Domain 76.52 €
Premium Wildcard SSL Business 137.14 €
Quick SSL Premium Wildcard 166.22 €
True Business ID Wildcard Business 258.56 €
Wildcard Certificate Domain 90.53 €
Secure Site PRO Wildcard Business 3859.96 €
Secure Site Wildcard Domain 1345.66 €
SSL 123 Wildcard Domain 157.25 €
Wildcard SSL Business 214.28 €

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