Domain Validation SSL

Domain validation SSL certificates are designed for each owner of web site working with customer data. This type of validation provides security on the basic level and it is appropriate for small web sites and systems, where end-users trust is important, but it is not the most important. After the domain validation, a static Site Seal is available, as an exception, the site seal of the Thawte SSL 123 is not static, but dynamic. Issuance is fast and easy. Check here the steps.

Primary Properties

Company Name certificate Validation Price/year
Positive SSL Domain 10.43 €
Positive SSL Multi-Domain Domain 25.07 €
Positive SSL Wildcard Domain 76.52 €
SSL UCC DV Domain 71.92 €
Quick SSL Premium Domain 42.04 €
Standard Certificate Domain 9.95 €
Wildcard Certificate Domain 90.53 €
Secure Site Wildcard Domain 1345.66 €
SSL 123 Wildcard Domain 157.25 €
SSL123 Domain 23.22 €

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