Extended Validation SSL

Extended Validation SSL Certificates are top-of-the-line SSL certificates. Obtaining one requires a company to go through a fundamental validation process and all the data of the very company must be verified as authentic and legitimate. This type of validation provides protection from phishing attacks and makes your website protected and highly trusted by everyone who uses it. It's highly recommended for the website of bank, governmental and trade institutes. The sign of extended validation is the green bar.

Primary Properties

Company Name certificate Validation Price/year
EV SSL Extended 81.26 €
Instant SSL with Free EV Extended 42.63 €
Multi-Domain EV SSL Extended 166.22 €
True Business ID EV SAN Extended 226.9 €
True Business ID with EV Extended 124 €
Secure Site EV SAN Extended 586.22 €
Secure Site PRO EV SAN Extended 858.74 €
Web Server EV Extended 127.67 €

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