Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL

Multi-Domain SSL certificates, also known as Subject Alternative Name (SAN) or Unified Communication Certificates (UCC). SAN certs created to secure additional domains for office communication servers and Microsoft Exchange servers. That makes management easy and quick, you have same CSR/Key, same verification and same files to install. Multi-Domain SSL certificates are able to support up to 250 domains and sub-domains within unlimited servers. You can add or modify domain names using free and unlimited reissues using our SSL management platform.

Primary Properties

Company Name certificate Price/year
Multi-Domain EV SSL 226.25 €
Multi-Domain SSL 89.93 €
PositiveSSL EV MDC 182.26 €
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain 29 €
SSL 123 40.6 €
Web Server EV 189.54 €

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