Sectigo SSL (formerly Comodo CA) is the second largest commercial trust provider in the World. Experienced and well-trained employees helping individuals and corporate customers to protect websites, online applications, and emails. Sectigo SSL certificates are popular all around the World and they are well-presented in all segment of market and type of SSL certificates like Domain vetted, Business and Extended Validation, Multi-Domain, Wildcard, SMIME and Code Signing certs.

Základní vlastnosti

Autorita Jméno certifikátu Ověření Cena/rok
PositiveSSL Doména 341 Kč
Essential SSL Doména 633 Kč
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Doména 792 Kč
InstantSSL Obchodní 911 Kč
InstantSSL Premium Obchodní 1425 Kč
PositiveSSL Wildcard Doména 2336 Kč
Multi-Domain SSL Obchodní 2455 Kč
SSL UCC DV Doména 2455 Kč
Essential Wildcard SSL Doména 2692 Kč
PositiveSSL EV Rozšířené 2771 Kč
Code Signing SSL 3062 Kč
EV SSL Rozšířené 3445 Kč
SSL Wildcard 4461 Kč
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard Doména 4461 Kč
PositiveSSL EV MDC Rozšířené 4976 Kč
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard (3 SAN) Doména 5662 Kč
Document Signing Certificate 5833 Kč
Multi-Domain EV SSL Rozšířené 6177 Kč
Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Obchodní 7443 Kč
UCC OV Wildcard SSL 7443 Kč
EV Code Signing SSL Rozšířené 9122 Kč

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