Autority SSL


Autorita Jméno certifikátu Ověření Cena/rok
PositiveSSL Doména 341 Kč
Essential SSL Doména 633 Kč
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Doména 792 Kč
InstantSSL Obchodní 911 Kč
InstantSSL Premium Obchodní 1425 Kč
PositiveSSL Wildcard Doména 2336 Kč
SSL UCC DV Doména 2455 Kč
Multi-Domain SSL Obchodní 2455 Kč
Essential Wildcard SSL Doména 2692 Kč
PositiveSSL EV Rozšířené 2771 Kč
Code Signing SSL 3062 Kč
EV SSL Rozšířené 3445 Kč
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard Doména 4461 Kč
SSL Wildcard 4461 Kč
PositiveSSL EV MDC Rozšířené 4976 Kč
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard (3 SAN) Doména 5662 Kč
Document Signing Certificate 5833 Kč
Multi-Domain EV SSL Rozšířené 6177 Kč
Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Obchodní 7443 Kč
UCC OV Wildcard SSL 7443 Kč
EV Code Signing SSL Rozšířené 9122 Kč

  • Sectigo SSL is the second largest commercial trust provider in the World.
  • Sectigo provides Internet security in many forms and for all class of customers.
  • Sectigo Certificates are trusted by 99.9% of the Internet browsers.

  • RapidSSL is owned and operated by DigiCert.
  • RapidSSL is an experienced certificate authority
  • Their aim is to be: as cheap as possible, as fast as possible and as easy as possible.

  • Supply certificates in the most popular ranges.
  • Thawte is one of the leading global certification authorities with various security solutions.
  • Thawte offers multilingual support via chat, by phone and email.
  • It's highly suggested using their products for the most robust and professional verification procedures.

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