Thawte Code Signing SSL

1 year
115.43 €
per year
115.43 €
2 years
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Validation: Business Support Windows: Yes Sun Java: Yes
Auhenticode Signing: Yes Microsoft Authenticode: Yes Adobe Air: Yes
Apple applications: Yes Microsoft Office and VBA: Yes


SSL Certificate description


It is easy these days for developers to write code, to sell and distribute it. However, this has sadly made it easy for people to spread malicious code and to sell other people's code as their own as well. The Thawte Code Signing Certificate will enable your code to be as safe as if it was bought shrink wrapped from a shelf in a shop.

It is suitable for software sellers, organisations and individuals to use. It should help to increase the amount of downloads for every software being distributed. It will reduce security warnings and error messages that can often be given when unrecognized software is downloaded. It will protect users form downloading files that will potentially harm their computers.



Code Signing Certificates for Microsoft Authenticode Code

If you use the Code Signing Certificate SSL from Thawte, you will be able to show your customers that you are offering them safe downloads. This means that your reputation will remain intact and you will continue to succeed. What code signing will do is to authenticate the source of the code and show that the file is genuine. This Microsoft Authenticode signing certificate is able to sign code developed on multiple platforms. It can add a digital signature to 32 and 64-bit user code and can sign code for Netscape Object Signing, Microsoft VBA, Marimba Channel Signing Codesigning certificate and Microsoft Office 2000.

Sun Java Code signing Certificates

Customers will be able to see that your content and code is all safe if you use Comodo code signing. It will protect your reputation as they will know that the code you have is authenticated. This proves the integrity of your online content. The Sun Java code signing certificate from Comodo is designed specifically for java applications for mobile devices and desktops and it is recognised by Java Runtime Environment.


Adobe AIR Code Signing Certificates

It is possible to use code signing from Comodo to make sure that your code and content is safe for them to download. The source of the code is authenticated by code signing and confirms that the content is safe. The code signing from Comodo for Adobe Air is recognised by Adobe Ajax and Flex files.


Mac Code Signing Certificates

Comodo code signing will show your customers that your content and code is safe for them to download. The content source will be authenticated. The Mac code signing certificates will sign applications, content and plug one for Mac OS X desktops digitally, so that Mac users will be confident that they are safe enough to download.


Microsoft Office and VBA Code Signing Certificates

Having code signing from Comodo on your products will allow your customers to know that it is important to you to keep things secured. Using code signing will let them know that your code’s source has been authenticated and that the content distributed online has high integrity. The certificates for Microsoft Office and VBA are designed to be used by developers who use Visual Basic for Applications for many environments including Microsoft Office. It allows VBA scripts, objects and macros to be digitally signed.


Android Code Signing Certificates

Within the Symantec Code Signing Portal it is possible to keep track of the certificate keys that you have. The Android Code certificates allow .apk files to be digitally signed.


Microsoft Windows Phone Code Signing Certificates

Digitally sign code for Windows Phone and Xbox 360 applications. Required for Microsoft App Hub service.


Qualcomm BREW Code Signing Certificate

By being able to digitally notarize BREW applications will allow you to become a commercial BREW developer.




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