Symantec Secure Site PRO Wildcard

1 year
3859.96 €
per year
3859.96 €
2 years
7787.63 €
per year
3893.81 €


Secures: domain or subdomain Certificates both with / without WWW : Yes

Site Seal: Dynamic

Validation: Business Green bar: No Browser compatibility: 99.3%


SSL Certificate description


The Symantec Secure Site Wildcard SSL comes with 256-bit encryption and SHA-2, RSA and DSA hash algorithm. Wildcard - means it can secure unlimited subdomains under your primary domain. It requires passing of Business validation, Domain ownership verification and Callback process to identify you via phone. 500,000$ warranty comes with every Secure Site Wildcard certificate.

The Secure Site Wildcard SSL certificate supplies with Norton™ Site Seal logo and daily malware site scan. Using that SSL, you receive access to 24-hour support seven days week. Symantec, also known as Verisign, is one of the most respected Certificate Authority (CA) in the World. No doubts it is a very special Wildcard SSL we sell in our SSL store.


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