GeoTrust True Business ID SAN

1 year
172.02 €
per year
172.02 €
2 years
300.78 €
per year
150.39 €


Secures: ∞ subdomains Certificates both with / without WWW: Yes Site Seal: Dynamic
ValidationBusiness Green bar: No Browser compatibility: 99.3%


SSL Certificate description

The GeoTrust True BusinessID SAN give you the opportunity to secure anything up to 25 separate domains using only one SSL certificate. You can edit, add and remove domains whenever you wish.

This SSL certificate can be used to secure OWA, Outlook, ActiveSync or SMTP Anywhere. You can secure 25 common names convenientl when you have the right certificate and to save time and money. The GeoTrust SAN SSL Unified Communications SSL certificate is designed for Microsoft exchange or Microsoft Communications servers. It is perfect for small businesses with QA testing environments and shared hosting environments. This is because it can secure a single server. It will use up to 256-bit encryption. It is quick and easy to install as well, with installation manuals to make everything simple.

Customers will appreciate that there data is being protected. You will get a site seal stamp with time and date so that site visitors can check up on the protection that you have.

Trust us, as like millions of people did before you!