GeoTrust True Business ID EV SAN

1 year
253.28 €
per year
253.28 €
2 years
453.8 €
per year
226.9 €


Secures: ∞ subdomains Certificates both with / without WWW: Yes Site Seal: Dynamic
ValidationExtended Green bar: Yes Browser compatibility: 99.3%


SSL Certificate description

This SSL certificate will allow your website to show the green address bar. This will give your visitors confidence in the security of the site, which will be at the highest 256-bit level. It is also possible to use the GeoTrust TrueBusinessID EV SAN SSL certificate to secure up to 25 domains using only one certificate.

Green Address Bar included!
  • - or
  • -;
  • - server name, example: myserver01
  • -;
  • - exchange1.yourname.local
  • - and others.

The SSL certificate can secure OWA, Outlook, Activesync or SMPY Anywhere. Up to 25 common names can be used on one certificate. GeoTrust is the second largest provider of digital certificates in the world. It has over 100,000 customers all over the world that trust it to secure their online transactions. There is a range of certificates and products to suit different needs as well, so whether you are a big company or small one, there is a cost effective solution available. The GeoTrust SSL certificates are delivered quickly and offer very good value for the money, providing 256-bit encryption and site seals available.

Trust us, as like millions of people did before you!