1 year
106.59 €
per year
106.59 €
2 years
186.17 €
per year
93.08 €


Secures: single domain Certificates both with / without WWW : No

Site Seal: Static

Validation: Business Green bar: No Browser compatibility: 99.3%


The Comodo Unified Communications SSL certificate with Domain validation protects multiple websites, domains and sub-domains quickly and professionally. Get excellent support of all MS Exchange platforms available on the market. SSL comes with one common name and two SAN items by default, but it is possible to add up to 200 additional SAN items for an extra price.

UCC/SAN SSL certificates come with 128/256 bit encryption, SHA2 hash algorithms and up to 99%+ browser support. Comodo UCC SSL is a remarkable economic solution to save lots of money securing all domains/subdomains with just one SSL certificate. SAN SSL certificate always shows high and reliable protection against phishing or hackers for e-commerce projects, Intranets, enterprise projects or Exchange servers.

It is very easy to manage UCC SSL certificate when GGSSL management system is in use; add/change/remove SAN items from the SSL within seconds. Comodo offers unlimited reissues and server licensing for Free to everyone. Take a short walk via store to see more UCC/SAN SSL certificates.

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