Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL

1 year
155.67 €
per year
155.67 €
2 years
274.28 €
per year
137.14 €



Securesboth, domain & subdomain  Certificates  both with / without WWW : Yes

Site Seal: Dynamic

Validation: Business  Green bar: No Browser compatibility: 99.3%


SSL Certificate description


This SSL certificate will provide security for unlimited subdomains. This will save customers having to buy a new certificate for each one and this could save a lot of money. So this Comodo wildcard certificate could end up being very cost effective.

The Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL certificate give a warranty of $250,000 and also a free licencing for unlimited servers. It can therefore be installed on multiple servers at no additional cost. With your certificate you will get a free Comodo trustmark that you can display on your website. This will show your visitors that the site is protected by Comodo using a certificate that is trusted by 99% of browsers.

The certificate will secure information, keeping it safe from hackers. The encryption method means that the information that has been encrypted can only be used by those that it is intended for. There is a lot of personal information being passed around on the internet and digital certificates are used so that an encrypted channel can be formed to send information so that it is kept secure.


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