Comodo Multi-domain SSL

1 year
70.89 €
per year
70.89 €
2 years
124.62 €
per year
62.31 €


Secures: ∞ subdomains Certificates both with / without WWW : Yes

Site Seal: Static

Validation: Business Green bar: No Browser compatibility: 99.3%


SSL Certificate description

Comodo Multi-Domain SSL will allow you to secure anything from 2 to 200 domains and sub domains. It means that you will not need to deal with multiple certificates and so things are a lot easier. It is possible to secure any domain or common names using just the one certificate.

The Comodo Multi-Domain SSL certificate is perfect for companies that have lots of domain names on the same server. They will provide great security and trust from customers without such a big expense. Comodo is the only company that will provide anything up to 200 domain names on the one SSL certificate. GeoTrust Multi-domain, for example, just provide 25 of them. Each of the Comodo certificates will have 3 domains already and then up to 97 more can be added if required, at a low price. This will make everything much easier to manage, rather than having to buy multiple certificates.

  • - or
  • -;
  • - server name, example: myserver01
  • -;
  • - exchange1.yourname.local
  • - and others.

SAN SSL certificates are subject alternative name and they can also be called unified communication certificates (UCC). These were developed for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Communications Server products. It is possible to secure domain names or common names with just the one certificate. This applies to external domain names and internal network names.

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