Comodo Instant SSL Premium

1 year
47.49 €
per year
47.49 €
2 years
83.12 €
per year
41.56 €


Secures: Single domain  Certificates  both with / without WWW : Yes

Site Seal: Dynamic

Validation: Business  Green bar: No Browser compatibility: 99.3%


SSL Certificate description


InstantSSL certificates are designed to protect leading web sites and enterprise networks with 128/256 bit encryption. Secure web servers with a professional solution with 99% of modern browsers trust. 250,000$ warranty available with InstantSSL Premium. Current SSL may secure not only domain name, but IP address, so its quite unique.

Get priority SSL installation by telephone and email support completly for FREE with Fast Track Support. Available only with Premium product. Unlimited re-issuances available with every Comodo product.

HackerGuardian vulnerability Scan - get this free tool with Comodo product and make five free scans over three IP addresses. If you want to test and validate PCI compliance for potential security threats, than this tool is the excellent solution. InstantSSL is equipped with outstanding (non-standard) dynamic Comodo Trust Logo.


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