Comodo EV SSL

1 year
92.87 €
per year
92.87 €
2 years
162.53 €
per year
81.26 €


Secures: domain or subdomain  Certificates  both with / without WWW : Yes

Site Seal: Dynamic

Validation: Extended Green bar: Yes Browser compatibility: 99.3%



SSL Certificate description


This is an extended validation certificate which provides trust for your customers. You will get a green address bar which will show your visitors that your website is safe to be used. This is the cheapest EV SSL certificate that gives the green address bar.

The Comodo EV SSL is an extended valuation certificate and this means that you have to validate your email and supply your business documents. This checking will enable you to get a higher level of security that will impress your potential customers and help them to trust your website. They will trust you as soon as they enter the website. This means they are more likely to make transactions on the site. They will be happy to use credit cards as they will know they are protected from phishing attacks.

Each of the certificates is powerful and string, and has high browser recognition. The Comodo certificates work with 99.3% of browsers which mean they are very cost effective. There are many more expensive certificates on the market that do not give this level of protection. The Comodo EV SSL therefore gives excellent value for money. The certificate also has the Comodo trust logo. You even get great quality customer support if you need it from the top Comodo technical staff.

Trust us, as like millions of people did before you!