• Comodo is one of the largest certification centers supplying software and Comodo SSL certificates to insure the reliability and safety in the Internet
    • Comodo Certificates are trusted by 99.9% of the Internet browsers as well as with most of the sites where encryption is required
    • Comodo provides Internet Security Software in many forms :
      • for websites and mail server of small and medium businesses (Comodo Instant SSL),
      • for intranet servers and websites of private persons(Comodo Positive SSL)
      • to large corporates, web-sites and banks (Comodo EV SGC Certificate)
      • cheap version for multidomains and internal intranet servers ( Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard )
      • for Microsoft Exchange and Office Communication Server. Includes 5 domains ( Comodo Positive SSL UCC/SAN )
      • the new standard of SSL certificates for websites of banks, online shops and large companies (Comodo Trial EV SSL )
      • ideal solutions , when you need to protect multiple domains ( Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard and Comodo SGC SSL Wildcard )

Primary Properties

Company Name certificate Validation Price/year
Positive SSL Domain 10.43 €
Positive SSL Multi-Domain Domain 25.07 €
Instant SSL Business 27.71 €
SSL Certificate 39.58 €
Instant SSL Premium Business 41.56 €
Instant SSL with Free EV Extended 42.63 €
Multi-Domain SSL Business 62.31 €
Code Signing SSL Business 67.28 €
SSL UCC DV Domain 71.92 €
Positive SSL Wildcard Domain 76.52 €
EV SSL Extended 81.26 €
SSL UCC OV Business 93.08 €
Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard (2 SAN) 119.78 €
Premium Wildcard SSL Business 137.14 €
Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard 152.5 €
Multi-Domain EV SSL Extended 166.22 €

Trust us, as like millions of people did before you!