Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain

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Secures: Multi-domain Certificates both with / without WWW : No

Site Seal: Static

Validation: Domain Green bar: No Browser compatibility: 99.3%


PositiveSSL is the cheapest multi-domain SSL certificate in the World with an excellent MS Exchange compatibility. PositiveSSL UCC/SAN SSL comes with a high-quality protection and very brief issuance period. The 128/256-bit encryption level certificate also has complete browser compatibility and issued within just three minutes. Each SSL certificate has one primary domain (common name) and two additional SAN; it is allowed to add up to 250 additional SAN domains for an extra price.

No need to send any documents as no paperwork requires with Domain validation SSL. Prove domain ownership via one of the available mechanism via email, HTTP hash file or DNS CNAME. The process is so quick that issued SSL arrives within 3-5 minutes once DCV (Domain Control Validation) passed. Find out more Domain Validation SSL certificates available.

The Comodo SSL certificates work with 99,6%+ of known browsers and mobile devices, not all SSL vendors show same high results. Free Site Seal logo comes with PositiveSSL to instantly show visitors the website secures and protects their personal data against hackers and phishing attackers. Comodo has a great reputation for being trustworthy company, GGSSL trust it.

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