Comodo Instant SSL with Free EV

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Security: Single domain  Secures both with / without WWW: Yes

Site seal: Dynamic

Validation: Business Green bar: No Browser compatibility:: 99.3%



SSL Certificate description


One of a unique SSL certificates that GGSSL offers is Comodo InstantSSL with Free EV certificate, as any business customer may try entirely working EV SSL for very small price. That is the cheapest EV SSL certificate that goes with Green address bar available on the market. Test Comodo non-EV Trial SSL within 90-days for FREE to build the positive impression about Comodo products.

InstantSSL with Free EV is the same product as regular Comodo EV SSL, has all same features, warranty levels, and support. The only difference is that it can be ordered once per domain name. Once expired, renewal is possible with standard EV SSL or any other SSL certificate, as no strict rules or obligation for renewals.

EV means that extended validation requires getting issued SSL. There are three general steps to pass it; domain validation to verify ownership of the domain, business validation to make sure company exists and working and callback process to be sure company phone is available thru a third party yellow pages websites.

Green address bar is a gainer of trust and sales, and it is undeniable fact that websites equipped with it has 17,3% more sales and successful transactions. People like to feel in safe, especially when credit cards involved. Each Comodo SSL has great 99.6% browser compatibility and mobile device support for SHA2 hash algorithm enabled. There are many other expensive certificates available on the market, but without features provided by Comodo CA.


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